Purifying Somali Sesame Seeds

Purifying Somali Sesame Seeds Somali sesame crops are traditionally cultivated in the flood recession areas of Lower and Middle Shabelle and in the depression/low land areas where the Jubba River floods inundate farming areas of Middle and Lower Jubba regions. Due to...

Cali garoob / Garanwa (Algroba Tree)

Prosopis juliflora (Sw.) is a shrub native to Mexico, South America and the Caribbean. It
is fast growing nitrogen-fixing and tolerant to arid conditions and saline soils. It’s known
to hold the record for depth of penetration by roots.

Demonstration Plots: A Source of Innovation, Modern Technology and Skills for Farmers

SATG Extension workers facilitate field demonstration days Somali farmers have been underdeveloped due to multiple underlying causes, including limited access to improved seed, production practices and technologies, and a chronic lack of market information,...

Sesame Production in The Deyr Season

Deyr season (October to December) is the most suitable growing season for sesame production in Somalia. The sesame plants require a short rainy period for growing and a dry period during harvest and drying time. For the past three sesame growing seasons, SATG has been...

SATG in the Somali Farmers Day Event in Mogadishu

SATG has participated in a celebratory event, which was combined the events of World Food Day and Somali Farmers Day. The event took place on October 21st in Mogadishu, Somalia. The theme of the event was Food Security and the role of Somali agriculture sector in...

SATG Training Students from Zamzam and Amoud Universities

Students from Amoud University, Borama, receiving practical training at the ABIC Afgoi SATG has been offering practical training to students from various universities in Somalia for many years. This year a total of 16 students (six from Amoud and ten from Zamzam...



The Somali livestock industry accounts for about 40% of Somalia’s GDP and is the main income earner … read more



One of SATG’s main objectives is to disseminate knowledge at grassroots level. A considerable  … read more

A Guide to Soils and Water Conservation

The over-exploitation of the natural resources and the application of inadequate practices for the management and conservation of soils and water have led to low food production, food insecurity and low household incomes in many sub-Saharan countries. As the natural resources…  Read more

From Aarhus (Denmark) to Mogadishu!

My name is Faiza Mohamed, Agriculture student from the Buisness Academy of Aarhus, Denmark. I am currently doing 8 weeks, internship with Somali Agriculture Technical Group (SATG). The reason why I have chosen SATG is that, SATG is a homebased… Read more

To strive for peace and prosperity through sustainable agricultural development

Somali Agricultural Technical Group is a registered non-profit association of Somali professionals and friends of the country dedicated to assisting in the reconstruction of Somalia and its agricultural heritage… Read more





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