Handling and processing hygienic milk production have many benefits both for consumers and milk traders. Current milk processing methods used by milk traders in Mogadishu (mainly women) is to boil the milk several times prior to bringing it to the market. This is a laborious process and reduces the milk quality.

SATG has introduced locally manufactured milk cooling boxes and distributed them to 24 milk traders in the regions of WadajirSey-Piano and Tre-Piano markets in Mogadishu. Initial assessment has shown many benefits and had positive impact.boxes gtting shipped

  • Reduction in milk spoilage by 50% (Reported by the female traders).
  • Acceptance of new technology by female milk traders.
  • Increased milk sales by 20 to 50%.
  • Increased demand for fresh milk.
  • Potential increase of fresh milk sales in the market.

Sahro Muse, a female milk trader who received the milk box at Saypiano market says she gets more customers than before because of fresh milk in clean containers: “I received more income due to high market demand.  Now that the month of Ramadan is approaching, I hope I will be able to supply my customers with fresh milk. I sell milk even at midnight which was impossible with my previous way of milk storage. Now I am making more money. This will enable me to pay for my girls to attend school.

Used methods in storing milkUbah Khayre a female milk trader at Trepiano said: “the quality of milk is very good because I do not boil the milk I receive from the milk producer; immediately after arrival of the milk I put the milk in plastic bags and store it in the cold box with ice blocks. This makes the milk stay fresh until the next morning. Every time I have fresh milk, my teashop is full of customers drinking tea with fresh camel milk early in the morning.  This was not possible in my previous milk transactions because I never used a cooling system that kept the milk fresh while maintaining its quality