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Drought is Hitting Hard Again in Most Parts of Somalia

Shabelle River, Afgoi – December 2017 It is the third continuous year that drought has hit Somalia. The rains for the 2017 Deyr season were lower than normal years. At ABIC, Afgoi, the rainfall recorded was only 105mm and is significantly lower than the long-term averages for the Deyr growing season. It is also the third year in a row that the farmers in the irrigated areas of Lower and Middle Shabelle regions are experiencing hydrological drought. Shabelle River dried abruptly in mid December and farmers are no longer able to irrigate their crops. All fruits and vegetable crops...

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Somali Agriculture Cooperatives (Video)

Agricultural cooperatives play an important role in enhancing food security and creating sustainable employment for youth, women and marginalized small-scale farmers. Small and medium scale farmers gain tangible benefits from agricultural cooperatives that lead to food security…

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Purifying Somali Sesame Seeds

Purifying Somali Sesame Seeds Somali sesame crops are traditionally cultivated in the flood recession areas of Lower and Middle Shabelle and in the depression/low land areas where the Jubba River floods inundate farming areas of Middle and Lower Jubba regions. Due to its value in the world markets, the cultivation of the crop has been spreading into more of the dry farming areas as well.    . The sesame seeds cultivated in Somalia are characterized as being inherently low yielding and having uneven seed sizes. Above all, the existing local sesame seed variety has mixed seed color coats (white,...

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Demonstration Plots: A Source of Innovation, Modern Technology and Skills for Farmers

SATG Extension workers facilitate field demonstration days Somali farmers have been underdeveloped due to multiple underlying causes, including limited access to improved seed, production practices and technologies, and a chronic lack of market information, particularly internationally demanded product quality. Inspired by the belief that informed and skilled farmers are essential for a sustainable future of the farming communities and the Somali agriculture sector, SATG has embarked on demonstration plots aimed at offering and sharing field practical experience to farmers, extension workers, agri-businesses, and other stakeholders including input suppliers, traders, processors, government institutions, and students. SATG has established two field...

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