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A New Innovative Approach to Protect Crops Against Drought, Temperature and Salt Stress

Drought stress Drought stress can be extremely damaging to crop production systems, and with global climate patterns changing, it is becoming an increasingly important food security issue.  The horn of Africa is highly vulnerable to drought stress.  Somalia, which only produces around half of the cereal needed to feed its population in an average year (FAO, 2012), has already suffered many major drought events in the last quarter century. These droughts majorly contributed to precipitating famines which, combined, have claimed more than half a million lives (Ó Gráda, 2009; Checchi& Robinson, 2013). In order to combat the negative effects...

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Hydrological Drought of the Shabelle River and its Economic Impact to Lower Shabelle Farmers

Shabelle river SHABELLE RIVER and its Economic Impact to Lower Shabelle Farmers The Lower Shabelle region is located in south west state of Somalia. It is the most productive region in the country and has integrated economic resources that could feed most parts of Somalia. Lower Shabelle is the greatest food supplier to major cities including Mogadishu. The recurrent hydrological drought of the Shabelle river over the last three years has resulted in a lower crop production of vegetables, fruits and staple food crops like maize and sorghum.  The price of food crops is on the rise and will...

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Somali Staple Food Crops at Risk

Maize and sorghum are staple food crops for the subsistence farming community in Somalia. These crops are predominantly grown in rainfed areas and, to a lesser extent, on precarious irrigation systems.  However, due to the frequent and recurrent droughts caused by the seasonal upsets of rainfall and the hydrological droughts due to cut-off river water flow at critical periods of crop-water requirements, the staple food crops (maize, sorghum) are at risk. A pattern of rainfall from 2014 to 2017 recorded in Afgoi compared to long term average rainfall from 1901 to 2015, shows the seasonal upsets of the weather...

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One-year with Somalia Agriculture Technical Group (SATG)

My name is Warsame Abdulaziz Mohamud. I have obtained a bachelor degree in Business Administration and Management from Plasma University in Somalia. For the past one-year I have spent doing a work experience internship at the Somali Agriculture technical group (SATG) based in Mogadishu, Somalia. During my internship period, I have contributed to many activities and participated in different events. The main activities include assisting the logistic department with daily operations such as, ordering, procurement of goods and controlling the received materials. I have also assisted the Admin and Finance departments with different activities like checking of files and documents...

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Drought is Hitting Hard Again in Most Parts of Somalia

Shabelle River, Afgoi – December 2017 It is the third continuous year that drought has hit Somalia. The rains for the 2017 Deyr season were lower than normal years. At ABIC, Afgoi, the rainfall recorded was only 105mm and is significantly lower than the long-term averages for the Deyr growing season. It is also the third year in a row that the farmers in the irrigated areas of Lower and Middle Shabelle regions are experiencing hydrological drought. Shabelle River dried abruptly in mid December and farmers are no longer able to irrigate their crops. All fruits and vegetable crops...

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