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Sesame in Somalia

As of 2012, Somalia has been the 12th largest producer of sesame in the world, giving the country a substantial role in the global sesame trade. Despite major constraints such as civil strife…

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Somali Seeds First Fair Event 2016

Seeds fair event was organized on the 13th of April 2016 to showcase different seed varieties and introduce ‘Somali Seeds’ a subsidiary seed business of the Somali Agriculture Technical Group (SATG). This fair was held at the headquarters of SATG in Mogadishu, Somalia. ‘Somali Seeds’ was created to fill a vacuum in domestic seed markets that lack quality seeds. Planting quality seeds enables farmers to reach optimum yield with higher profit margins. During the seed fair, SATG displayed various locally produced seeds with the following descriptions: 5 Local Maize 110 days to maturity with a potential yield of 4-5...

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Somali Seeds Endorses Quality Seeds in Somalia

Due to a lengthy and restless civil war, Somalia, once a centre for commercial trade, has since seen more than 25 years of economic collapse. Somali Seeds, a subsidiary of Somali Agriculture Technical Group (SATG) has lead the effort to regain agricultural and economic stability back in the Horn of Africa. Over the last decade, SATG has been working closely with the Ministry in order to develop sustainable seed policies and regulations. Introduction and testing of high quality and certified seeds for adaptation to local conditions have also been part of SATG’s major operations. Seed security directly enhances food...

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Potential Source for Sustainable Investment Opportunities!

The greatest potential for economic growth and investment in Somalia lies in the agriculture sector. This includes crop, livestock and forestry. Despite the constraints it faces, this sector has viable opportunities for investment. It’s potential to contribute to sustained economic growth stems from a number of factors such as: rich natural resource capital, demonstrated potential to capture larger elements of the value chain than other sectors, opportunities for increased value addition, good profit margins, and the availability of market opportunities. The main principal export crops grown include bananas, lemons, and sesame. Basic information on agriculture and livestock markets, firms,...

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