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SATG Training Students from Zamzam and Amoud Universities

Students from Amoud University, Borama, receiving practical training at the ABIC Afgoi SATG has been offering practical training to students from various universities in Somalia for many years. This year a total of 16 students (six from Amoud and ten from Zamzam Universities) received training on various subjects related to agriculture. The training period lasted from May to September 2017. Generally, students pay their own transportation to ABIC, Afgoi while SATG provides them with the hands-on training. In order to admit the students to the training program, the only requirement is to submit a verification letter from the University that...

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My Internship at the Somali Agriculture Technical Group

My name is Hamza Omar Sheikh and I am a student completing my bachelor’s degree in agriculture at the Putra University in Malaysia.  I have spent six months interning with the Somali Agriculture technical group (SATG) based in Mogadishu, Somalia. There are two main reasons why I have chosen to do my internship at SATG. The first reason is that SATG is currently the only agricultural institution in Somalia that focuses on testing agricultural technologies and then passing these technologies to Somali farmers and other actors to help them become efficient and practice sustainable agriculture. The second reason is...

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Soil Test – Assisting farmers make an informed decision

Soil is the natural medium for plant growth and development. Assessing soil types and their quality are the essential part for the agriculture productivity. Somalia has different soil types ranging from sandy, silt and clay. The clay soils are known to have more nutrients and organic matter that are suitable for agriculture production. The image on the right shows soil collected from different regions in Somalia. Fertile soil ensures plant survival Fertile soil provides the life-supporting nutrients that the plant requires. Soil from: Beletweyne, Jowhar, Baidoa, Bal’ad and Afogoye (Somalia) The most important plant nutrients are nitrogen (N), phosphorus...

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Jilaal Daboo

Jilaal daboo is an indigenous Somali farming practice of planting the field before the Gu-season rains begin. Some farmers realize the importance of planting early – before the rainy season begins – in order to maximize crop production by taking advantage of all the rainfall during the growing season.

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