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Jilaal Daboo

Jilaal daboo is an indigenous Somali farming practice of planting the field before the Gu-season rains begin. Some farmers realize the importance of planting early – before the rainy season begins – in order to maximize crop production by taking advantage of all the rainfall during the growing season.

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Banana in Somalia

Somalia was previously a central hub for banana exports in Africa. With the industry employing over 120 thousand workers and exports worth 96 Million US Dollars, Somali banana production reached its peak between 1987-1990 exporting mainly to Italy and Middle Eastern Countries …

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Sesame in Somalia

As of 2012, Somalia has been the 12th largest producer of sesame in the world, giving the country a substantial role in the global sesame trade. Despite major constraints such as civil strife…

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Why Use Certified Seed?

Access to quality seed inputs is one of the first steps to achieving higher productivity and a profitable farming business. In Somalia there is a need for certified high quality seed, which are true to type and with high percent germination and purity

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