Due to a lengthy and restless civil war, Somalia, once a centre for commercial trade, has since seen more than 25 years of economic collapse. Somali Seeds, a subsidiary of Somali Agriculture Technical Group (SATG) has lead the effort to regain agricultural and economic stability back in the Horn of Africa.

Over the last decade, SATG has been working closely with the Ministry in order to develop sustainable seed policies and regulations. Introduction and testing of high quality and certified seeds for adaptation to local conditions have also been part of SATG’s major operations. Seed security directly enhances food security, a goal shared by all farmers.

Seed treatment or seed “dressing” is an important component of commercial seed production. For farmers, the use of superior seed quality improves the yield and quality traits of the crops, ultimately resulting to a greater return on investment.

Dr. Hussein Haji inspecting maize seed production plots in Balbaley village in Afgoi District

Dr. Hussein Haji inspecting maize seed production plots in Balbaley village in Afgoi District

Sesame Seed Production at ABIC, Afgoi

Advantages of Quality Seed Purchase:

Quality seed ensures farmers reap maximum yield with excellent quality for food consumption. It will also provide access to specific market while improving the efficiency of the farmers.

For farmers, the availability of quality seeds presents a great opportunity for their own monetary pursuit and for overall economic security in Somalia.

By not adopting quality seeds, crops do not have a guarantee of the best possible start to their growth. Furthermore, farmers will be limited in their access to agricultural markets which support specialty trade and food safety. Somali Seed Company follows international standards for seed production which ensures the true to type of the variety

The parameters that Somali Seeds uses in its Quality Control measures include:

  • Field inspection and roughing of off-type and diseased plants, seed purity, percent moisture content and percent germination which is a routine standard producer for seed quality control.

Seed purity and moisture tests at ABIC, Afgoi

As a farmer, you should be aware that there are a number of variables to consider before growing your crop. Of these are climate conditions, pest control, and crop nutrition. Use of quality seed along with good agriculture practices ensures less worry of these problems and will help you reach your expectations.

SEEDs are the foundation of the crop. Therefore, when you choose qulaity seeds, you know you are planting for success!

Using quality seeds guarantee that you and your costumer know exactly what you are receiving. Finally make sure to keep in mind these 4 benefits of using quality seeds.

Filsan Mungbean seed production at ABIC, Afgoi


Benefits of using quality seeds!

  • High-quality Seeds: Ensures that the seeds have high quality standards for germination and purity.
  • Marketing Power: Quality seeds can give you access to specialty markets and quality programs. Using quality seeds can open the door for new opportunities as you provide exports of varietal identity.
  • Risk Management and Traceability: Quality seeds maintain the value of your crop and provide assurance to grain buyers that what you deliver to them is exactly what you say it is.
  • New Varieties: Quality seeds are a result of research-development technologies. These new innovations assist with drought-resistance as well as pests and disease tolerance.  Furthermore, these new varieties will provide you with higher yields and increased economies of scale.

At Somali Seeds we understand that farming is a competitive business. Adopt quality seeds and we guarantee you success.  Somali Seeds along with its parent organization SATG will continue to embark on its mission to inform all farmers in Somalia of the prosperity of using quality Seeds.  Despite the lack of a seed certification system in Somalia, in the 2015/16 Deyr season, Somali Seeds embarked in producing good quality seed of various crop species.

All seed varieties are treated against soil born pests and diseases.

Seeds of Hope, Somali Seeds