Somali Staple Food Crops at Risk

Maize and sorghum are staple food crops for the subsistence farming community in Somalia. These crops are predominantly grown in rainfed areas and, to a lesser extent, on precarious irrigation systems.  However, due to the frequent and recurrent droughts caused by the...

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Somali Agriculture Cooperatives (Video)

Agricultural cooperatives play an important role in enhancing food security and creating sustainable employment for youth, women and marginalized small-scale farmers. Small and medium scale farmers gain tangible benefits from agricultural cooperatives that lead to food security…

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Purifying Somali Sesame Seeds

Purifying Somali Sesame Seeds Somali sesame crops are traditionally cultivated in the flood recession areas of Lower and Middle Shabelle and in the depression/low land areas where the Jubba River floods inundate farming areas of Middle and Lower Jubba regions. Due to...

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Sesame Production in The Deyr Season

Deyr season (October to December) is the most suitable growing season for sesame production in Somalia. The sesame plants require a short rainy period for growing and a dry period during harvest and drying time. For the past three sesame growing seasons, SATG has been...

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SATG in the Somali Farmers Day Event in Mogadishu

SATG has participated in a celebratory event, which was combined the events of World Food Day and Somali Farmers Day. The event took place on October 21st in Mogadishu, Somalia. The theme of the event was Food Security and the role of Somali agriculture sector in...

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Jilaal Daboo

Jilaal daboo is an indigenous Somali farming practice of planting the field before the Gu-season rains begin. Some farmers realize the importance of planting early – before the rainy season begins – in order to maximize crop production by taking advantage of all the rainfall during the growing season.

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SILSILAD (Chain) Documentary Film

The documentary film SILSILAD highlights PIMS, also known as Promoting Inclusive Markets in Somalia. It is a project centered on promoting effective networks between Somali farmers and processors. Between the two actors, the project is currently overseeing a...

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